Brand new bike - Gearing/drivetrain issues


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Hi all,

My new Cube Agree GTC running Shimano 105 has chain slipping in the low gears whilst under any pressure (i.e. going uphill) and the front derailleur just won't change from the small cog to the large cog... oh and also, their is a clicking sound coming from the rear derailleur every pedal rotation :sad:

I'm getting the feeling that the "ready to ride" assembly was half-arsed and despite all the googling, I just don't feel confident fiddling with a bike worth <£1000.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm really just looking for your thoughts on the cause of the aforementioned problems and whether or not I should just take it to the LBS (different to where I purchased the bike from due to stock issues) to get it fixed properly.


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Cable stretch - par for the course however well the bike was assembled.


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Take it back to the shop where you brought it if you dont want to fiddle with it yourself Legit...all LBS should expect you back in for a free service within a few weeks, this is just to deal with such issues. As Mickle says, cable stretch is one of the expected issues they'll expect and deal with with no problem. Just run the problems by them, they'll deal with it if theyre any good.

Did they mention a free service ? Every new bike ive brought (apart from the Ribble online) tell you to pop in in a few weeks so they can give it the once over.


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Seems a hell of a lot of cable stretch, are you sure the cable hasn't moved in it's securing bolt on the mech ? Either way it needs to go back to the LBS and tell them to sort it


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Cheers for the replies guys,

I wouldn't have thought a brand new bike would have cable stretching issues but I suppose I am a total novice on the mechanical side of things.

Fossyant - I have looked at a lot of information online on how to adjust it myself but I simply don't feel confident and would find it much easier to see how it's done in person before attempting anything myself... although I will have to learn eventually if I'm to take this hobby seriously!

Edit: Forgot to mention, I'll call the LBS first thing in the morning and hopefully get it seen to during the day at some point. Can't be having the new steed not "fit for purpose" on my week off now can I?


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Cable always stretches most when it is new, less as it gets older and finally when it stop stretching, it has a tendency to snap, so it is a good thing in small amounts.

If you are not confident, get LBS to sort it and get them to show you how to adjust at the gear shifter as it always needs a slight fettle, every so often.

Get yourself a decent bike maintenance book and read it through, there isn't much can go wrong.

My new bike (last week) had same issue and also the front dérailleur was mounted slightly too low and when on large cog was catching on middle cog.

A small move on seat post (3mm) solved the later and a twisting of the adjuster on the shifter sorted the back one (shortens the cable by a few mm).


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Hey guys and gals, since my LBS and others in the area had week long waiting lists for repairs... I ended up sorting it by myself after going through several DIY guides/videos :biggrin:

All is well now and I'm rather pleased with myself but I have noticed that I do get some noise from the cassette when in the highest gear (largest @ front, smallest @ back). I've fine-tuned everything so that every other gear shifts/runs smooth and relatively quiet (just needs some cleaning/lubing imo) but I'm at a loss!

Any insight?


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Try moving the "H" screw just a fraction anti-clockwise. It may be that it's stopping the chain to find its proper position on the small cog.
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