Brand New Wheeler Dealers

twentysix by twentyfive

Clinging on tightly
Over the Hill
What's your fee for the advertising? :whistle:



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It will just be the same dialog as all the others, but with a different car.

"Edd, you aint done nuffin. It looks the same as when i dropped it off".

"I got myself a right bargain there".

"You really done us proud with this 'un Edd".

"These sell for up to 10,000 kwid, but i aint gonna be greedy...."

And so many other "Brewer-isms".
I don't mind the passing interest the programme gives, but while I don't hate him, Mike Brewers 'cheeky chappy' character does grate a bit...excitable little berk. ^_^


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This is okay, but we've only got Council Telly. It'd be nice if this was on Netflix. I liked that one with Fuzz Townsend out of PWEI on, though.
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