Brass Bands and Carols

I like listening to brass bands playing carols at Christmas

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Mrs M

I do (if in tune).

Turbo Rider

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Saw a depressed looking lady trying to play Silent Night on the recorder outside Morrisons the other day. When I looked at her, I felt depressed but when I looked away I couldn't help but chuckle. Twas a rollercoaster of emotion! Have to say though, that I quite like them...without ever feeling the need to seek them out.


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Bude, Cornwall
I play in two brass bands and love playing all the Christmas gigs. Not good for the cycling though as we get fed large quantities of pasties and mince pies with clotted cream at every gig! Good motivation to get out and burn off all the calories though.


I play in a brass band too. Way too much busking in supermarkets at this time of year!


What’s the point
Last week I had to do a "tour" of suppliers in the midlands and Yorkshire , which I was looking forward to but not the travel or the hard sell I knew we would have so wasn't feeling Christmassy

I arrived at st pancras at 07.15 and as I collected the tickets from the machine I heard a vague brass sound. Went downstairs for a posh fair trade coffee and outside the coffee place I like was the Sally Army band playing carols . Instantly happy and all the shrapnel in my pocket went in the tin ( all I had after the coffee ! )

On Sunday I went to our old church ( left after a unwelcome at a carol service 10 yrs ago) for the carol service to earn brownie points with the MIL . They had a brass quintet playing to several carols, and the organ was fixed and sounded very good , to the point I might go back in January for regular Sunday communion
So yes brass works with carols
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