Breakfast, to eat or not to eat....


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I do a commute of just over 6 miles which includes a very steep uphill section just over a mile in, which lasts for about 1 1/2 miles. I tend to set off without having any breakfast as I prefer not to have to wait half an hour or so before setting off and I am fairly sure that if I ate much I would throw-up part way up the hill (at my level of fitness as it is at the moment anyway as I can only just get up the hill in the lowest possible gear doing about 3 mph with heart rate sky high :eek:).

However, I realise that if I ate something it may give me more energy to get up the hill. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to eat that would give me a quick energy boost without having the disasterous results of bringing it up on the way to work?



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magic bannana


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Im a brekky and go person. I have a relativly steep hill on my ride and at first I used to really struggle on the hill, barely making it up in the lowest gears. Today I ploughed up it at 12mph in "2" on the front, "3" on the back (sorry, still a newbie :tongue:) and wasn't really affected by it - I even managed to have a conversation with someone when I got to the top without gasping for air :biggrin:

Keep plodding on and Im sure youll be fine :eek:


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Hi Jo25

Just make sure you're well hydrated before you take your ride. You should manage the commute without needing food and as your fitness increases you'll be looking to peg on more miles in the morning. You'll be surprised how far you can run on empty, just remember to drink plenty of water before you set off.


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I do my 15mile commute on nothing. Soetimes without any water first
I have breakfast probably about 45 minutes before I leave on my 11.5 mile commute (with hills). I never have a problem.

Why get up so long before I leave? The rest of the time I spend getting the kids up! :eek:
It's rare I have breakfast till I get to work....ESP on very early turns.

Normally have a pint of tea though and a stare at the computer/make my sandwiches.

I get up an hour before I leave on any early morning shift.


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Cheers for the replies so far and am glad to hear that not eating breakfast before leaving may not make much of a difference (although there goes one of the excuses for it taking so long!). Though I now have some good suggestions of what to eat beforehand if I feel the need.

HJ - I do always eat breakfast - though not till I get to work when I bike in.
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