Breathing in Flies


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I know an old lady who swallowed a fly. She unfortunately didn't make it till the next day, although I believe there may have been some intermediary extenuating circumstances.

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Not breathed one in but i nearly swallowed one when drinking out of a tin. I've started to keep a can of coke or similar in my car door bucket thingy during the warm weather. I don't really like fizzy drinks so i tend to have half of the tin then leave half for some other time. I know it'll have gone warm and flat by then,but i'm not bothered about that. Anyway,there i was the other night taking a slurp from this tin i'd had in the car for days when i felt the dirty devil in my mouth!:ohmy: It was dead obviously,but it was still a germ riddled filthy good for nothing shoot bagxx(! From now on i'll keep a plastic cup in my car so i can pour this flat cola into it,to see if it's safe to drink.



"In most cases, the fly will perish and you'll be fine. Remnants of the fly (or other bugs) might be swept up and out of the lung and trachea, and then swallowed. Sometimes, the creature will lodge in the smaller passages of the lungs and become entombed there. This may happen without any further health repercussions, but not always. If the fly was contaminated with certain pathogenic agents, you could potentially suffer from infection. Would the fly lay eggs and perpetuate within you? Not likely, but this is a possibility. There are just a few kinds of flies, the larvae of which will infest living tissue. Some of these flies are quite large. The chances of inhaling one of these are tiny, but not zero. This is another good reason to wear a helmet and face shield whilst whizzing down the highway on a motorcycle. Either that, or hold your breath!"

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The fly is not in your lung. If your epiglottis fails, your gag reflex kicks in.
Oh lord you’ve reminded me. Inhaled something flying while running out in the fields about a month back. I saw it zipped straight at me and before I could react was up and through my nose.

I was practically on my knees, wretching, eyes watering, coughing, etc. Never had such a bad reaction. Nothing came out though and I finished the run.
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