Bredon Hill Bikeaway 2012


Careful with that axle Eugene
Event Title: Bredon Hill Bikeaway 2012
Event Date: 21st October 2012
Event Location: Pershore, Worcestershire
Event Organiser: St. John's Ambulance/Angela Tidmarsh 01386 565373
My Relationship: Participant passing on details
Cost: £8 adult, £5 child, £15 family
Beneficiary: St. John's Ambulance

I've put my name down for this one, any other C Chatters taking part?

There are three routes, 8 mile, 19 mile and 49 mile



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I'll probably do this as I live down the road from Pershore. I might have another commitment on that day though so I'll wait a bit before putting my name down. I'll be doing the silver route I think.
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