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Hi everyone
I’m cycling the London to Brighton this Sunday, and would be grateful for any info/tips on trains back to London sunday evening/night. Are there lots of people(and their bikes) trying to get back to London right away and is it difficult? I know the sensible thing would be to stay overnight and come back the next day, but I have to be back for a meeting early on Monday morning.
Thanks in advance


It's only 55 miles back to London. Have a good re-fuel and ride back?

A long time since I did the L2B, but I rode from the Dartford area to the start at Clapham, rode down to Brighton, then rode back via Crowborough and Tonbridge back home. It nearly killed me the first time I did it, but managed it on the next three rides.
I've followed this issue for a number of years, and by chance I've just come back from Brighton on the train:

I think they're banning bikes from trains in the area [there is an official map* somewhere of this "area"] on Sunday, and until Monday around lunchtime.
So in summary, you ain't gonna manage this, without leaving your bike in Brighton:
... but I have to be back for a meeting early on Monday morning.
*this should all be on the opreator website - Southern Rail/Trains, whatever they're called!

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There has been a cycle ban in place for this event for several years and your chance of getting on at Brighton are approximately zero. The ban includes other stations on the south coast. Is the organiser arranging transport back to London?

In the distant past there were special trains from Brighton. There were substantially fewer cyclists then.


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Ride north to a station that allows bikes on. I don’t know how wide the exclusion zone is set. It might still be difficult if everyone has the same idea.

Leave a car somewhere on the outskirts of Brighton the day before.

The weather looks reasonable so enjoy the ride anyway.


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Yes, bikes banned. See

The only way to do it appears to be to pedal another 30ish miles to Horley and catch trains from there. Normally, Uckfield is an option 20 miles away, but that's rail replacement buses so unlikely to carry many bikes.

Why didn't you book the event transport?

(edited to remove Warnham due to no Sunday service)
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mm - Looks to me like riding back a fair old way is the only option - can't help but say you've left it somewhat late to think about this - trust you are better prepared for your meeting.
if your meeting wasn't so early you could bivi out, take a train back monday morning when there were no bike commuting restrictions.
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