Bristol on Saturday


There was an Italian Automotive festival by the Corn Market which I took a spin to with a few other bikers from Gloucestershire.

All sorts of stuff there in the way of supercars Ferrari/Lambo/Maserati, and then Afa's, Fiats, then the bikes Lambretta's, Vespa's, Ducati, MV Augusta, Aprilia, MotoGuzzi

But the thing which has really stuck in my mind among the hundreds of vehicles, and thousands of people was some bloke pushing a wooden framed (like 2"x1" rectangle section bicycle through it all. He was there and gone in the crush, so I missed the opportunity to get a pic of it :sad:

Anyone here know the owner ?

Oh, no Bianchi or Colagno's which would have been nice to see amongst the cars and motorbikes
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