Brits on the TdF!

This year there are eight (7 and one Finnish/Brit) riding the tour, the most since 1968! The press follow only Wiggins and Cavendish, while these guys may be in with chance of the Jerseys and 'restoring British sporting pride' (WTF) I think there needs to be a good old british glass raised to the other six!

Thomas, Cummings, Hunt, Lloyd, Millar and Wegelius these guys are never mentioned but do their job, to work for the others and not take the credit.

A big hats (or should that be helmets?) off to them.

Oh and it the first time in a long while that a 'British' team will be in the tour, whether or not you agree with Team Sky and the Aussie money behind it, we shouls applaud these guys that bring cycling to Britian!


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never mentioned?


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When was the last time that you heard them in 'mainstream' news. Don't we recall when Chris Boardman was the only representative, and he'd last 4/5 days? I know he had Yellow for a couple of days, but even so, these guys are going much beyond that!


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On Sky News this morning there was a large segment about how Our Bradley can win Le Tour. The poor reporter, who had been waxing lyrical about how our Bradley is going to win Le Tour had her dreams shattered by a cycling pundit who suggested that whilst Our Bradley is in with a shot at a podium place, that the chances of him winning Le Tour overall are not huge but that it's a more realistic chance that Cav could win the green. Poor reporter looked utterly deflated. of course it's obviously too much to expect that reporters do a bit of background work about the subject they are doing an item on so they don't come across as obviously utterly ignorant of the subject upon which they are spouting - the reporter didn't have a clue about cycling as a sport.
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