Broken Bolts


The heads of the Allen key bolts that attach my rack to the bike, broke on me last night. They were fitted 3 months ago and anti-seize grease was used. They're aluiminium.

Question is how can I remove the remaining headless bolts from the bike mounts? I've tried WD40 and then twisting with pliers, but no luck.

Don't want to start drilling i case I make a mess of my frame?


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If there's enough of the threaded section sticking out you could try cutting a slot in the end of it (use a junior hacksaw or something similar), and then using a screwdriver.

If you can get pliers on to it then you could try going for a bit more grip by using mole grips if you have them,

Lot's of swearing helps too.:wacko:

(Wrap the area of surrounding frame with thick tape as well for when you slip)


Thanks Duck.

The hacksaw and screwdriver combination sounds good as there's around 4-5mm sticking out.

Will work on this tonight.


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As Duck suggested. You can also file two flat parallel surfaces on exposed threads to improve grip.

If no exposed part and if it is too risky to just drill it out, you can try drilling a small hole and use a screw extractor such as this (you need to check the size).
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