Broken my powacycle. Anywhere for spares?

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Today, when I removed the battery from my powacycle Salisbury, the plastic part of the plug within the battery holding compartment, which contains the battery connectors broke. The battery itself is unharmed, its the 2 pin plug on the bike that has busted. Its about 12 years old, so I guess it's due to "plastic fatigue". Can anyone suggest somewhere I can try to obtain a replacement for this plug, please? I will obviously need to unsolder the 2 plug wires from the old plug and solder to the new one (if I can get one!) but I guess that sourcing spares might be a problem.
Any ideas please?
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I sold my Salisbury just over 2 years ago but when I was wondering whether to sell it or fix it up I contacted Powacycle and they were very helpful. They had access to spares at the time and happily gave me the prices - which were reasonable.

I would just try ringing them and see what happens

In case it helps - I have this wiring diagram that they sent me

powacycle wiring.jpg
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Just a quick update, to close out this thread.
I have heard from powacycle, who do not carry spares for their very old bikes (the spares were destroyed in a warehouse fire).

I have extended the wiring to the "prongs" which carry current from the battery, and have managed to get the battery into its holding cradle on the frame and lock it there. So the bike works as normal, but the battery will have to be charged in situ, rather than being removable.

Thank you, folks, for your advice.
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