Brompton phone mount

Discussion in 'Folding Bikes' started by idanyd, 19 Jul 2017.

  1. OP

    idanyd Regular

    Brilliant, Thanks!

    I went for Topeak's Ridecase ( at the end, but my girlfriend is looking for a new mount and that may suit her.
  2. stephenjubb

    stephenjubb Über Member

    phone fits inside and you close the zip. works well on my brompton and I have commuted 20 miles on it in london on the odd week I worked there. zero problems
  3. stephenjubb

    stephenjubb Über Member

    not much good if you want to use the phone though! I used it for sat nav so had to set the sat nav and slide it in the case without touching the screen
  4. Kell

    Kell Senior Member

    This thread reminded me that, as stated earlier, I was always conscious of having my phone on my bars while in London.

    So I've now got a Lezyne Macro GPS computer.

    It's a lot smaller, does navigation, and the battery doesn't suddenly cut out when it's cold. It even displays your text messages and tells you if anyone's ringing (So long as your phone is nearby).
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  5. Kell

    Kell Senior Member

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