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Discussion in 'Folding Bikes' started by idanyd, 19 Jul 2017.

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    I've managed to squeeze one of these onto older-style M/H- bars and I find it works well It sits pretty much flat on the bars so reducing the turning moment, and accomodates a 5" smartphone just about. it can be a squeeze to get in, but it fits snugly and I've never had the phone fall out, even during an embarrassing "failure to get out of the cleats" moment on a ride out with some friends.... I hit the deck, the bike hit the deck, the phone stayed in its mount. Cheap enough to fit them to every bike and leave attached, or have it join the rest of the stuff lurking in the bottom of the T-bag....
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    Newcastle, England
    New version is out with certain angle, no need to readjust folding, but the functions (add-on : headlight or gopro mount that used to be at the bottom aren't possible anymore)

    Three Pics and Caption II (6).png )
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    Brilliant, Thanks!

    I went for Topeak's Ridecase ( at the end, but my girlfriend is looking for a new mount and that may suit her.
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    not much good if you want to use the phone though! I used it for sat nav so had to set the sat nav and slide it in the case without touching the screen
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    This thread reminded me that, as stated earlier, I was always conscious of having my phone on my bars while in London.

    So I've now got a Lezyne Macro GPS computer.

    It's a lot smaller, does navigation, and the battery doesn't suddenly cut out when it's cold. It even displays your text messages and tells you if anyone's ringing (So long as your phone is nearby).
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