Brompton rear frame fixing/ replacing

Is this rear triangle frame can be fixed?

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Hi folks,

Recently I have a car accident and my Brommie rear frame was bent. I now the bike is almost impossible to be folded and ridden properly. I have attached some pics below.

So is that possible to bend/ shape the frame backward?

If not, I will try to replace it by my own, as you can see I have stripped it down myself. Do anyone know what is the price for the official replacement and where I can find it at cheapest price (I have visited my local evanscycles I they gave me a quote of £130 for the rear triangle and about the same for refitting). Thanks a lot


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It may be possible to straighten the frame yourself, and if that fails you have lost nothing.
You can fit a new rear triangle yourself: for kit this is what you will need
It sometimes requires a reamer but that you could probably hire from a Brompton repair centre. The price for the new triangle seems about correct, and as these have to be ordered from Brompton by the shop, you are unlikely to find much variation in price. You could try this
Good luck
Instructions for fitting
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