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  1. I am thinking of getting a Brooks B17 and I see that B17's come in a standard and a narrow size. So how do you know which one fits your bum without spending £100+? Is there some way of measuring your bum so that you get the right size saddle first time?
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    I have a standard. It is A1. Just thought I was a standard kind of guy. Would not have anything else now.
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    you can measure your width of your sit bones without a trip to the lbs all you need is a lump of memory foam the size of your r's. otherwise your local spesh dealer will do it and give you lots of change from £50 let alone £100

    Both B17 and B17N fit me fine, road bikes have B17 and Flyer Special (B17 on springs) and mtb has B17N. The B17N just isn't that much narrower, where it counts, than a B17. and I'm a big lad. ahem. ymmv.
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    I dropped in to one of my LBSs - a high end one - and they measured me. It is worth doing - my sit bones are 20mm wider than my current saddle - hence the discomfort on longer rides. I assumed I would have a narrow arseprint, since I am naturally thin and have very little round the back. Turns out if I were buying a spesh saddle (which I'm not - Brooks for me) I would probably be buying the largest of the four they sell.

    Moral is, find a bike shop who will measure you!
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