Brooks B17 Standard - Honey


Here for rides.
Brand new in '08 fitted to my tourer, then my fixed, now surplus to my requirements as tourer has a flyer special, and the fixed a B17 Titanium. It has done a few (several) thousand km's, has ridden alongside the cc 'quality crowd' on a fair few FNRttC's, and it is thoroughly broken in. (well it fits my r's perfectly :biggrin:, yours may be a different matter)

New they for go around £50, if you think your r's is B17 shaped and you want a cheaper one, in top notch condition then £35 ovno (inc p%p) secures. I'll even chuck in the spanner. If I can find it.

PM me your email if desperate for a picture or three and I'll see what my shakey hands and rubbish phone camera can do to make a great looking saddle look terrible.


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you have pm..:wacko:
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