Brooks B17 Titanium and Grips


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Moving house so getting rid of stuff we're not using. This saddle was on my girlfriends bike for about 6 months but she wasn't too keep on it so it's been sitting around for a while.

It's in decent condition, some scuffs and scrapes around the rear edges from leaning against walls etc and a few water marks from the wet weather. It's developed dimples from her sit bones but as far as I understand it a Brooks will reshape itself given a bit of time and a few applications of proofhide. The tension screw has never been adjusted. I will treat the saddle and polish it up before sending. Got a pretty much full tin of proofhide that I'll chuck in as well. Looking for £50 including postage or you can come and have a look at it/collect in North London if you like. These saddles sell for a silly amount now (about £150) so I think £50 is fair considering the condition but if anyone wants to make an offer, go ahead!:smile:

Also have a pair of matching brooks grips for flat handlebars that I'll throw in for £10 or £15 is someone wants to buy them separately.

Any questions just drop me a line.


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Damn. It's honey. Can't put a honey one on me new black bike.


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Buy a another's worth it. I would snap it up if only I hadn't just spent £50 on what now seems insignificant rubbish, you know, food, heating that sort of stuff...


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Bugger! Gutted I missed that. ;)


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Chapeau to LazyLoki. I bagged a real bargain. It goes on the fixed (for now) tonight.

Which leaves me with a surplus Honey B17....
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