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Lashed out and bought myself a brooks saddle on ebay described as mint.
So what's the advice on how to break it in ? This will be going on my everyday / touring bike.
Heard all sorts about oil etc. How long does that have to go on for.
Any advice?


Get a tin of Proofide and follow the instructions. Definitely no oil!

I give mine a good coating underneath and a lighter coating on top, then repeat the coating underneath once a year. My Brooks are comfortable straight out of the box and get better.

If your one is 'mint' but still used, it may not need any attention at all for a while.


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Agree. I didn't soak the B17 and used proofide as directed by the instructions. Bought the saddle on the Friday, 80k on the Saturday, 90k on the Sunday (minor bruising on sit bones) Day off on the Monday and 80k on the Tuesday and saddle was fine.. 2 months later. Saddle is perfect. LEJOG 5-16 June was fun and saddle was comfy. Got on my road bike last week for first time in onths. It needs a Brooks!


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Proofide as above, break in gently use for lifetime. Ps good idea for wet weather protection is ladies bathing cap stretch fit - cheap as chips.


Slightly OT but my extremely armchair-comfortable Brooks got thoroughly soaked on 2 long rides last year. It has since re-shaped itself to match my sit-bones, rather than supporting them. As a result, it is no longer as comfy as before :ohmy:.

Anyone any ideas as to what I can do to get it to regain its 'proper' shape ?


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I swear by these saddles, nothing else comes close. I have a honey B17 on my Flyer and its so comfortable, the honey saddles break in quicker. Ive found there is only one way to break them in and that is to use it - a lot. No pain no gain....

Ive never used proof hide on a new saddle. Only after its been used for a few hundred miles.


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Send it down to a retired postman ,who will take the next twenty years to remodel it for you .Then send it back as good as new .:biggrin::laugh:

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ASC1951 has it covered.

Once Proofided, just ride it, and protect from rain!
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