Brown sauce

What's your favourite ?

  • HP

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Daddies

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • HP but won't touch it now Heinz have moved production to Holland

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tescos / Sainsburys / A.N Others own brand

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  • Yeeuch ! Pah ! I'm a wimp and only like tomato sauce

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  • I'm a real man. Any chilli sauce only for me.

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Über Member
I don't use it too much these days though, everything gets drenched in one of the many chilli sauces I have on the go ;)


HP for me. Every so often I decide to save a few pence when shopping and buy an own brand jobbie.

I haven't found one thta comes close and end up wishing I'd bought the proper stuff.;)


Just passin' through
HP on a bacon butty is like my own little bit of being in England here.
My English mates here say the same!

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I though it was bought by a French company a few years back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

turbo tim

New Member
Used to be able to smell it on the way down the Aston Expressway on the way into work.

I love the smell of HP sauce in the morning. Smells like .............. victory
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