Going to Brussells for a long weekend at the end of April with a few mates. Any recommendations for good local bars? Don't want anything too touristy, would be nice to mix with the locals if they're friendly. What are the best beers or is there anything else you think we should try?

Also, any recommendations for things to see or do also gratefully received.

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You are in Belgium, the home of the best European beer.

Try them all.


Pop on the train to Bruges..supe4b ghent is also on the Bruges line.also a very visual place..
beers are mental strong if you dare..personally I wasnt impressed with brussels but the plasa thingy is nice,be wary of resturants who offer set meals and take plenty euros

the trains are superb when there not on strike btw and super cheap


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Watch out for cobblestones! Paying two separate visits in May (one just a day trip, then back for three nights), so I'll be looking for recommendations myself. My tip: L'Chaloupe D'Or on the Grand Place. Riistaart :hungry:
[QUOTE 3501336, member: 45"]Try the trappist beers. There are plenty of beer shops in Brussells. The Rochefort 10 is the one you want.[/QUOTE]

Mmm, lovely stuff. The danger's plainly stated in the label. 4 pints of R10 is the same as a pint of whisky, without the warning of the horrible taste from UK stylee extra strong barley wine loony juice type beers. That's not to disparage all the many and various extremely fine sensible-drinking-beers readily available in the UK.


[QUOTE 3501559, member: 45"]Maastricht isn't far. A much nicer place.[/QUOTE]
I want to go to Maastricht but we won't get there this trip unfortunately.


In Brussels you should really drink geuze (tastes like a cross between really sharp scrumpy and champagne) and you can easily walk to the Cantillon brewery from central Brussels where you can get a tour and have a taste. It's not like any other brewery you're ever likely to visit!

Beers to try: Cantillon (Fou' Foune or Blabaer Lambik) and Brasserie de la Senne are two most local to Brussels. But any geuze, such as 3 Fonteinen, De Cam, De Troch or Boon is not going to have come very far. The superstars of Belgian brewing are probably De Struise and anything by them is worth trying (esp. Pannepot and Cuvee Delphine). It's all very well trying the Trappists, but they haven't got much to do with Brussels.

Bars that have good beer selections:

Le Poechenellekelder
Chez Moeder Lambic (there are two)

Restaurants with good beer selections:

Les Brigittines

If you're there on Sunday, a trip out to Eizeringen (about 10 km to the W of Brussels) to visit "In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst" would be worthwhile, but check on the exact opening times first.
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