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Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Hilldodger, 30 Apr 2010.

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    From the Guardian

    The famously green James Murdoch is struggling to persuade staff at BSkyB, where he is non-executive chairman, of the importance of pedal power. Despite much promotional activity, an internal poll of Sky workers found that 82.12 per cent would "never" cycle to work. That's a bit embarrassing, especially given the company's sponsorship of the Team Sky pro-cycling team and its backing of Boris Johnson's Skyride scheme.

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    Never ? that may depend on the price of fuel !
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    Also, isn't the Sky UK HQ right on the A4 nr Brentford? I used to cycle to a job near there many moons ago and it's a right f**king nightmare. Dual carriageway from every direction iirc.

    The location, nr the A4 and M4 and a train station, probably attracts a lot of people from further afield because they know they can drive / get the train there.

    Also, I seem to recall Cycling Plus giving Sky quite a big thumbs up for its cycling facilities and encouraging people to take up cycling - big secure bike park and lots of showers, etc, but it's very hard to change the mindset.

    At my office everyone knows I ride in (I'm the only one who does - out of 30 of us) so I'll often be asked about my commute / comments on the weather esp at about 5pm. They almost always finish the conversation with a shudder, saying "I could never do THAT!". Why? They just can't get their heads round why you'd do it or how you'd go about it and nothing I say changes their minds.
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    Also there's an in-company branch of Wizzbike.
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