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Hello mate!

Sorry i forgot to read the pms...will do after this but I'll answer you here.

I eventually ended up buying a tent at decathlon in lakeside. It is a T2 pro two man tent.

It cost me £64 and I got on very well with it.

I am a big guy and to be honest I wouldnt want to spend the night in this with anybody else (Anna Kornikova excepted!) as it's a little small for two bigger chaps.

However it was the perfect size for me, and I reckon two smaller peeps would fit fine.

It packs down very well and I carry it in my rear pannier no problem, although it would also easily sit on your rear rack...and at 2kg it's ok on the weight.

It had to cope with some really shite weather and strong winds, which it did well. It kept me warm and dry (except one night when it leaked through th eground sheet (which was because I had let the dog in and he had put his claw through the ground sheet:rolleyes:)...I fixed th ehole with a puncture patch and all is now well again.

The tent pitches as one and it can do it in under 5 minutes in daylight. Packing down is easy as well.

The flysheet/porch is big enough for all four of my panniers at night, and I have cooked under it as well a few times no problem. It has some convenient pockets inside for your torch..(.condoms etc:biggrin:)

The aluminium pegs are strong and weigh almost nothing. It has vents, and there is no condensation issue (except under the fly sheet when cooking inside)

It is black, and therefore discreete, which was useful for my wild camping on the beach. The balck tent does not hea tup as much as I had feard in good weather. The inner tent has a double zip so you can open the top as a vent, have it all the way open or jus topen the bottom whilst keeping th einner shut....this is good when you pitch in a mosquito nest in can keep them out of th etent whilst sticking your head out of the inner into the outter so you can breathe! It also has a neat little rear vent/window and bug mesh.

Even pitched in sand this tent did well in a coastal wind.

I find the groundsheet a little flimsy (but it is on all leightweight tents), and I carry a B&Q blue tarp (£3) cut to size as a tent footprint for any rougher ground. This fits easily into the black stuff sack of the tent as well as pegs and poles.

Guy ropes are ready attached.

I was also tempted by the coleman one man tent, but it wasnt as easy for a tall bloke to get in and out of.

I will be sticking with it for spring autum & summer tours. I would perhps look at a stronger tent if I were going to remote places in the winter though.

Decathlon stores have it set up on display, you might want to go and climb in one first.
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