Bubbling this morning.


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Well Mr and Mrs Postman,would like to announce they have been married for 30 years today.The virus has put paid to what was planned,a meal out and then Miss Diana Ross at the Leeds Arena,so thanks to our daughter we are having a slap up high tea in the conservatory,one of those posh things like when you go out to Betty's of Harrogate or The Dome thing in Edinburgh that waaaaas nice.So it will be fancy cups and little fingers at tea time.Our daughter has spent all day yesterday baking and is still baking this morning.The kids have bought us two tickets to visit The Black Sheep Brewery when it opens,oh yes.We are going to have a great day today.And the sun has just come out.Gets even better.


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Happy anniversary!!
30 years.. A great achievement 👍🏼


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Bubbles and children in the house don't go together. Nudge, nudge!!!


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We got a new suite last week - ordered in January.
We had bubbles to celebrate.....
(Bragging again!)
got a new one coming in october ordered last week , it was 15+ years old and we kept getting ants , i took the bottom off and powdered chocolate/ sweets fell out so i had to bite the bullet and order a new one , sold a bike for a deposit .


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Blinkin eck.......do they allow kids to post on this site now:rolleyes: 30 years.....pah.
But seriously.....
A nice milestone.
Congrats to you both.
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