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Hi everyone.. i’m looking for a gps computer or watch on a budget. It’s a gift for my father who isn’t tech savvy so it needs to be a simple device to use. that’s all he wants is basic readings and a map overview on an app on his phone when he is done cycling.. I have an Apple Watch which has the workout app which shows what I need and is simple. Anything like that would be brilliant. I have looked into the Garmin Forerunner 30. Could anyone tell me if this would do as I can’t find a ‘cycling’ review anywhere.. any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance


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HERE you go.


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Thanks.. I was wondering if there were any others that would be good as well?
Garmin are the simplest to get used to and use for that sort of money; you'll get much more for your money with, say, a Lezyne GPS bike head unit, but they are fiddly and he'll need to read the manual. If you want him to use it and don't want to field tech questions on a weekly basis, go with the Garmin.
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