Bukcled wheel, tyre or loose spokes? or something else?


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Today I have another issue :biggrin:

I started cycling and felt the wheel buckle, I had this happen before. However, today was different I could feel actually feel it my ride with each revoluton that the rear wheel is being forced in a different direction. If that makes any sense.

Previously I had a broken spoke although the wheel was buckled I did feel it through each revolution.

Am I right to assume this will a tyre issue?

I checked if the spokes were tight and they were good.


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If the spokes are tight and the rim runs true (assume you’ve checked) the wheel may have moved in the frame drop out where the axle sits. Hold the bike up are move the wheel from side to side. Is the tyre correctly inflated and is it running true on the rim?
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Those symptoms could be a buckled wheel or a tyre / seating issue. Turn the bike upside down on an appropriate surface, spin the wheel and watch for the kink relative to a close, fixed object (such as the brake pads); check whether the kink is in the tyre and rim or just the tyre ;)


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As a heavy rider I check my wheels for trueness weekly. All I do is use a cable tie cut down and place it against the rim then spin it. It's as near as makes no difference to true. This with keeping the tyre pumped to their psi ratings I have not had issues yet. I've always figured if it's out of true this puts further strain on the spokes on that part of the rim. Could be worth looking into.
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I think the best way to describe it. Is that it feels like a "drag" to one side. The movement is visible when looking between the brake pads.

I will upload a short clip tomorrow.


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Okay so after spending all week torturing myself trying to fix this.

I started off by checking the bearing and refitting bolts at each side of the wheel hub. ( Some bearings fell into the middle of I think, which could now be the cause of another issue, I will touch on this later in the post)

When I began truing the wheel.( By the way the wheel was true in the first place.)

So I messed it up so bad that the rim when spinning would get stuck onto the brakes with each revolution :biggrin:.

So spend time on youtube watching videos how to fix it. Managed to get it somewhat to its original place.

So then I look at the tyre sitting which you will see in pictures that there was a bulge.

So I tried everything I saw on the internet; washing liquid,lubricant,inflating etc. nothing worked.

So I see the arrow which shows which way the tyre should be fitted right? SO I changed the side and bump sort of got less.

I still feel like visually it is still not sitting well in the rim which is annoying.

But at this moment I went for a quick 2 mile ride I don't feel the "bump" which each revolution sort of thing where riding at especially at corners.

The issue I feel now is I feel more resistance through each revolution than before also some grinding noise is now present.

Some sort of wobble is still present but I don't know what is.

I AM GOOING CRAZY BECAUSE I CANT RIDE MY BIKE :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

I will attach photos and pictures.

Also please see videos for better understanding of my post.

View: https://twitter.com/Laurisss333/status/1272243782398902274

View: https://twitter.com/Laurisss333/status/1272244011319865346

View: https://twitter.com/Laurisss333/status/1272244319018037250


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