Bumper Solo Child trailer


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A bit like this but in orange


Takes only a single child so doesn't stick for out a mile on either side of the bike. Comes with a swivel front wheel and push bar so it can quickly convert into a buggy. Takes a big bag of shopping or about a dozen bottles on wine in the huge pocket to the rear. Easy fold.

The darling child is strapped inside with all their toys (and the rest of the groceries) and has a choice of front open, waving at cars and eating flies (great for the summer) front down and mesh screen (fresh air - no flies) or front right down (keeps the rain out)

No suspension on this model so probably best avoided if the child is at all delicate but a suitable upgrade from the Carrababy

100% functional but has carried a child, been used in the rain etc. so has minor imperfections and may contain traces of biscuit.

PM if you want to know more

£40 - collected from Twickenham
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