Bungee cords


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halfrauds aint cheap. last time i went touring i only had one, then i found one on the road and realised that 2 were better. then i lost both of them (well they were stolen actually) so then i had none. but the other day i found one on the road again. so now i have one, maybe i will start my imminent next tour with just one in the hope of finding another one


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I bought a set of different sized bungees at LIDL about 2 years ago. It only cost a few pounds. It was probably a 'special', never-to-be-repeated though. They come in really handy - I always take a couple with me when taking my bike by train to secure it and stop it swinging about or falling over.

Hey, I've found exactly the same set on eBay. The vendor probably bought a job lot from LIDL and is flogging them at 200% markup! ;)


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local army surplas shop
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