busted rear hub on a new scott speedster.

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by stuart goodliffe, 13 Jul 2012.

  1. stuart goodliffe

    stuart goodliffe Active Member

    Hi, my friend recently bought a Scott speedster through the bike to work scheme(cycle solutions) and within weeks he noticed the back wheel wobbled. Apparently the cheap hub has mashed but cycle solutions aren't being too helpful. Would it be best for him to replace the alex wheels entirely for something a bit stronger?
  2. ianrauk

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    If it's happened within weeks of getting the bike from the store then it should go straight back for them to find fault and fix/replace.
  3. if it's a warranty issue, then I would have thought Cycle Solutions (as the dealer) need to investigate? Depends how far your mate has already taken it with them..?
  4. cloggsy

    cloggsy Boardmanist

    North Yorkshire
    The contract is with the dealer; the dealer has the hassle of dealing with the manufacturer. If the dealer is being difficult then you'll need to play hardball with them!
  5. OP
    stuart goodliffe

    stuart goodliffe Active Member

    the trouble is they are in Swansea and we live in peterborough. I didnt like the set up and choice of bikes so stayed well clear and feel justified as 4 others have un resolved problems.
  6. Mike5537

    Mike5537 Active Member

    Are the bike shops in peterborough not good enough? Why did you go all the way to swansea for it?

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  7. Banjo

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    I had exactly the same problem a few years back with A Scott Speedster Alex race 28 wheel. Bearings and hub were trashed within 6 months.

    Tbh I think the race 28 wheels are garbage but thats not the point. Whoever it was bought from has the responsibility to replace/repair the wheel.The shop I bought it from replaced the wheels with some Shimano ones, I strongly suspect it was easier for them to do that than trying to get Scott to cough up.
    if they try to fob you off use trading standards to sort them out.
  8. OP
    stuart goodliffe

    stuart goodliffe Active Member

    the company did the scheme through cycle solutions(wheelies) who are swansea based- presume its a national agreement. Terry Wrights had a look at it and gave good advice but just getting cycle solutions to answer his calls would be a start. just pleased i kept out the scheme and used good old ebay.
  9. get the employer company to stop the payments and request that wheelies collect the bike - if they are refusing to address a legitimate warranty issue, then you can probably claim breach of contract..
  10. OP
    stuart goodliffe

    stuart goodliffe Active Member

    Thanks for the replies - ive just come off the phone and relayed the messages and urged him to send the bike back - something he is reluctant to do.
  11. if he's determined to keep it and buy new wheels, then he needs to refer to the agreement first - there may be something in there about making changes which may affect the warranty...
  12. About 20 years ago I worked in a bike shop and we had bikes brought in that had been bought elsewhere with wheels made of utter rubbish. We refused to work on them because they were so poor they would always fail one way or another no matter what we did. The problem was that the company the bikes had been bought from was telling their customers to take it into a bike shop and they would pay the bill. If we trued them up we were pulled into their problem. The suppling buiness is responsible, if the wheels are really poor ask them to replace them with something better. Fit for purpose and all that.....
    I'd be surprised Scott are turning out anything as bad as the wheels we were seeing.
    Sometimes even very good wheels will have a dodgy one, I had a high end Mavic wheel fall apart after about 100 miles - good news was that they were replaced with no problem as soon as I took them back. and the replacement is still doing fine several years later.
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