Buying a used Hardtail, what to look for?

I'm off to look at a Mongoose Amasa Comp 2008

What should I look out for when buying?

I have a road bike so know how to check wheels run true etc...

This bike has suspension forks and hydraulic discs.

Also I've never used SRAM shifters, this model has the X5 range.


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Just check out the general look of the bike and the owner's attitude to maintenance, which a couple of questions will ascertain.

If they haven't maintained it, avoid.


Bike had only been ridden a couple of times in 9 months, it was virtually new apart from a couple of stone chips. Still had the shop tag on it!

A quick clean lube and adjust and it was A1.

Even got some spd M520 pedals and a pair of Lake MTB shoes chucked in.

£175 gets me off road. ;)

Gary P

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It's nice when you get a bargain like that. I just bought a GT Aggressor 1 from a chap locally who'd ridden it up and down the promenade half a dozen times with his son. Although not the latest model, it's 9 speed and with Rock Shox Judy forks. It was pretty much showroom condition. Swapped it for my old Pashley and was out on the South Downs way yesterday on it. Will be out again soon if it ever stops raining here...
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