Buying tyres on-line....twist and fold???


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Just wondering whether anyone has bought tyres on-line and had any problems if they've been twisted into a figure of eight and then folded in half before postage?

I bought some MTB tyres like this a few months back and the side-walls looked pretty distressed when I opened them up. The seller accepted returns and back they went :smile:

A different seller explained they often used to receive tyres in a damaged state if they had been twisted and folded (this was before they went into business themselves) so they never post them that way themselves. I've not received road tyres this way so I don't know whether they would be stressed as much.

I ask because I usually replace tyres due to side wall failure before the tread has worn out, although this could be due to other factors (pot holes etc....) why stress them further before use?

I used to have a good LBS and bought from them but sadly they are no longer there :sad:


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Don't think that I would like that, I just had some that I purchased online but they came just as they are, "not twisted" so it seems that they don't all do it.


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must admit never had any problems but its always there niggling in my mind , last few sets have been brought from lbs and not paid more than online in the end
Slightly OT - not twisted fortunately, but in the last year I've bought tyres twice from Amazon sellers and have experienced two extremes of packaging.

The first pair of tyres - ordered together - arrived in individual boxes so big that I would estimate each one could have held a dozen of the tyres; imagine a computer base unit box half as big again in every dimension and you get the idea. I had to make two trips to my neighbour's house (who had taken delivery for us) to carry them back to ours, they were so unwieldy. Inside each box to prevent the tyre rattling around was a large quantity of brown paper packing that stood a foot tall when we unravelled and folded it into a neat pile to save for reuse.

I ordered some more later in the year - different supplier - expecting another 'mind the paintwork' experience only for them to arrive stark 'naked' except for a single little cardboard band about 4" long holding them together at the top.

The first set were certainly well protected against damage whereas the second set were not (both sets arrived in perfect condition), but on the whole I'd rather have the second approach.
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