Buzzing front pads??

I have a 2011 Cube Reaction GTC, it's fitted with Formula RX disc brakes and the standard pads it came with, problem is the fronts keep buzzing under medium-hard braking, any ideas why?

I've wiped the discs and pads down with white spirits before and this makes them quiet for about 10 miles then they buzz again!

I've attached a photo if the front assembly in case it helps, look forward to any advice, cheers.

I wouldn't worry about it if they aren't rubbing and are working correctly. Disc brakes tend to be a bit noisier than rim brakes - especially in the wet!


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Don't use white spirit on your rotors or on your pads, it leaves an oily residue. Use Isopropyl alcohol or proprietory brake and clutch cleaner.

Disc brakes buzz. Make sure all the rotor bolts are tight and threadlocked, then learn to live with the buzz..... that multi-perforated rotor in the photo will also be a contributor. Nothing to worry about.
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