Bygone Bikes (Yoks) Club

I have found an illustrated booklet by Bygone Bikes that I thought I had lost (I bought it in a second hand book shop in Carlisle) 33 illustrations in it but as they may be subject copyright I do not want to upload any of them. However No 27 looks really interesting, it is an Elswick with a Fenton Zip sidecar attached to it. (cir 1931) Both bike and sidecar look as if they have 27'' wheels on them and the side car is attached to the bike at the front down tube and rear fork. Both the bike and side car seem to have carbide front lights on them. Interesting design and maybe a similar set up made of modern materials and with modern gearing could be a novelty, if unstable ride.


Bygone bikes were around when I was a lad in the 70's. Mainly penny farthings and the like, not sure copyright would be an issue.

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