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Hi guys,

I am toying with the idea of doing the C2C from Whitehaven to Tynemouth this year. I am reasonably fit, the thing is I would want to do it on my Brompton.

Do you think that is feasible? It is hard to judge without knowing the route myself if I should attempt it or not.
I would do it over 3-4 days as I am not in a rush.
Alternativly the Coast and Castles route from Edinburgh to Newcastle seems tempting.

Could please share your experiences and thoughts on the matter?

Thank you :smile:


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It's absolutely doable. Never done a C2C but I do have a kiddie wheeler folder and wouldn't hesitate to use it on one. You don't say which model you have but more gears would obviously be preferable.
Are you going camping or credit card? If camping the lighter the better. Good luck and enjoy it.
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There are a few sections that are pretty rough and probably not good for a Brompton (Waskerley Way and I can't remember the name but a couple of miles near Stanhope before the Parkhead Station) - and the Whinlatter Forest is rough too. [My comments are based on a traverse of the route in 2002]


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The vast majority of both routes are doable on a Brompton, assuming you are OK on cinder track.

There are at least a couple of iffy sections.

NCN 7 past Rookhope in Weardale is close to mountain bike territory in places.

Easily avoided by leaving Stanhope on the B road, but at the cost of taking on the sharp road climb of Crawleyside Bank.

On the Coast and Castles, a stretch of the route south of Berwick is little more than a signpost pointing across a field.

No straightforward safe alternative, but it's ridable in the dry, if tiring due to the grass.

Neither is it very far, so could be pushed.


As an alternative you could do The Way of the Roses. I have done that on my Brompton - there's a couple of short unmettled sections but all rideable on 16" wheels. It took me 3 days and is a lovely ride.

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short unmettled sections
Must have tested your metal.

Leaving aside spelling pedantry, the Way of the Roses would be a good alternative, although I think it's reckoned to be tougher than the other two.

The Waskerley Way as mentioned by @robgul is now well made gravel track.

It's one of the best sections, being steadily downhill.

So good there are 'Cyclists slow down' signs.
Have a look for yourself. Left click on the route in cycle.travel and the option to see streetview is enabled, although clearly is only viewable where the google car has been. For offroad bits, it's often possible to see the trail at road crossings. If there are bits you don't fancy, there are always road alternatives. I did it many years ago on an mtb as that's the only bike I had. I currently have a Dahon folder with 20 inch wheels and would attempt it on that.

Here is a version in ridewithgps that also gives gradient information.

Pick routes near where you live with similar gradients and surfaces and do some test rides so you can form your own informed opinion.
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