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Thanks Bob, I appreaciate what a challenge it is but I really enjoy having something to work towards. . Age?, lets just say I won't see 50 again! Not sure what I'd be doing it on. Currently on a ridgeback hybrid, but am looking at getting a roadbike early next year. Am considering the Giant Defy or the Triban at the moment, they seem to have good reviews..
I was thinking if I am at 50 miles now, strechting my longest run by say 10 miles per month would get me to say 100 by March, and I could go from there.
Reading this thread though the climbs do seem like a worry. Maybe I'll go ahead with that plan, and try to get some hills in over the winter and see how I'm getting on come spring.
Just enjoying the riding at the moment though!
i wish you all the very best!
do let us know how you get on
i would go for the lightest bike you can afford
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