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Hi everyone,

I am in the market for a new bike.

Looking for a bike that:
Is a roadie with drops and disc brakes,
Takes a rack,

At least 700x28c tyres
Must be a triple (or double no more than 50t as not enough strength to turn it over) and
Ideally a big granny ring.

I have the option of the works C2W scheme and would like to get in at £499 to save the most.

Fire away please


This is one that I can think of, however it is over budget. Discs, triple, rack and mudguards. Bonus of a carbon fork. Pop on 28mm or 32mm slicks as required.

Or, how about this from Halfords. In budget, rack and mudguard mounts, compact double.

Discs at that price are harder to find, which is why these two are CX bikes.


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£499 rrp or is that how much you want to spend over the year? And can you buy anywhere with the c2w voucher or restricted to certain retailers?

You've got this a smidge over budget


Or this reduced (which may not be available in c2w) and has a double shainset but is under budget if one of the two available sizes is right


Can't think of anything much else, most roadbikes with discs are aimed at the £1k c2w buyers


The £499 is before tax and NI savings. With cyclescheme I can go anywhere.

I like the look of the 13 innate alpha with secondary brake levers, internal cable routing, 35mm tyres and mounts for rack and guards.

Question I am now asking myself is if it is a stupid idea to sell my Triban 3 (red with carbon fork) to fund the innate.

13 rider

I ride a 13 hybrid .had for six months since 13 was launched and I love it had no issues with bike . the innate does look nice as do the whole range in my opinion. The problem with 13s they are generally not held in stock for you to try and have to be ordered in . I ordered mine in with no promise to buy not sure how you stand on c2w. Why do you need to sell other bike in on c2w isn't that money stopped out of wages ??
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