Caad 10 with Ultegra or Tarmac with 105?

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    Hi all,

    After much research I've whittled my new bike choice down to two machines: the Cannondale Caad 10 with Ultegra which I have found for £1450 or the Specialized Tarmac Sport with 105 for £1,500. Obviously the 'Dale is aluminium and the Spec is carbon, but which will be the better bike? Both frames are I understand well regarded, but as a newbie to road riding I just can't decide. My head says the Caad is better value, but my heart says I really want a carbon bike. The last thing I would want to do is get the Caad and then be craving for carbon a few months later. Riding-wise I'm looking to do club runs, sportives and maybe some racing.

    Any opinions gratefully received!
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    Cannondale probably make the best Aluminium frames you can buy, they constantly get high marked reviews. However Carbon would also swing it for me. The Spesh you can always upgrade the groupset as and when. There is not a huge amount of difference between Ultegra and 105 anyway, with 2012's 105 being near enough 2011's Ultegra.
    It sounds like you have set your heart on a carbon machine. So save on the 'what if disappointment' down the line and go for what your heart tells you.
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