Cadence and Speed Sensor for Garmin Edge 500

I'm after a new cadence and speed sensor for my garmin edge 500... but there is a twist.

The speed and cadence sensor (not magnets) must be separate from each other
... I am now on a recumbent trike... so my existing sensor is useless to me because the pedals don't overlap the rear wheel or any wheel for that matter... So the GSC10 which I currently have is useless.

so can anyone think of a sensor that meets this requirement please?

this is useless, as is the new version of it.

many thanks


I thought the new ones were separate.

The speed one goes over the hub, cadence over the crank.


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Decathlon of hee haw stock, wish they would get them in as I`m reluctant to drop the cash on garmins or any of the other ANT+ one on the market!
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