Cafe Conundrum


On our club runs we stop at a cafe for a lunch-time break. This is very pleasant except that the cafes hereabouts are absolutely heaving. Lunch can easily take over an hour. 20 mins queue to order, 30 minutes wait for food to arrive etc. Some folks take one look and ride on, others order something quick like a cake and ride off. This fragments the group.

What happens in your neck-of-the-wood?


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It's the same with The Cycle Hub Cafe on the quayside Newcastle, sometimes you arrive there and be served within a few minutes, other times, like the weekend, you can forget it, as it's normally packed out. I do have the advantage of a Greggs open further along the road, so a coffee is never far away :cuppa:


BITD we took lunch in our musette / bonk bag :smile:. Stops usually involved a walnut whip or Aztec bar as well :smile:



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Cafes are either not too busy, or are set up for it with enough staff on. Lunch easily takes us over an hour but Norfolk food is good... pubs even better because our local brews (Elgoods, Woodfordes,Adnams...) are fantastic.


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There's a great serve yourself cafe on the Neuk single track road north of Dissington.... the lady that runs it has a kettle, tea and coffee + milk and cake in a small fridge and she makes the best bacon and egg baps to order.... never a queue as you sort yourself out and leave the money if she's out.
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