Cafe fascination


After 40 miles or so, you'll need to refuel hence a cafe. Nicer than an energy gel. ^_^


Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
Oh god. I remember a little place out near Millers Dale (Peaks) and one or a few of the lads on the beans on toast order used to give the name of a Pro rider. God we cracked up. It wasn't paul, but Bernard Hinault, or Greg Lemond.

More fun when they forgot 'who' they were.


Go ride the beast at coedy brennin and when you see the little cafe in the middle of nowhere you'll understand;)


Full time tea drinker
Armonmy Way
I'd happily stop for a pot of strong leaf tea and a slab of parkin*. But I end up in the café where I can't seem to buy a coffee without answering 17 questions about what extras I want in and what length and how hot the milk I don't want should be.

*Something with ginger, treacle, oats should be a cycling legend in this weather. It should be sold not by the slice but by the pedal portion. ''I'll have a pedal of parkin and a pot, please.''
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