Calling all Irish: paperwork/passport question

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Fnaar, 7 Dec 2017.

  1. Fnaar

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

    Dia duit, mo chairde.

    For years I've been planning to get an Irish passport, and what with Brexit an all that, I think I really will. Both my parents were Irish, born there, met in UK and got married here. Dad died 32 years ago, and mum died 26 yrs ago ... I have absolutely no idea where their paperwork is these days!

    I need copies of their birth certs ... only one (of 11) of my dad's siblings still alive, and she's in a home with dementia. I'm kind of estranged from my mum's surviving siblings (she was one of 10, I think only 2 of them left).

    Any idea how I get hold of their birth certs?

    Any advice/experiences appreciated
  2. OP

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

    Thanks @User
  3. welsh dragon

    welsh dragon a permanent vacancy now exists

    You only need 1 parents documents if both were born in ireland itself. You need their exact date of birth, where they were born, their parents names, and professions if known, you also need your (either mum or dad's) last passport. It can take a while to gather all the info. Joining find my past and pay as you go may help you narrow the records search down. This will help you get their birth certificate.

    You also need their marriage license, so you need to know where they were married, the exact date as well.. once you know that, you can apply to the correct district for a marriage cert for them.

    All documents must be original, not copies. It can be a bit frustrating and time consuming..

    Good luck
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  4. welsh dragon

    welsh dragon a permanent vacancy now exists

    You can't download the passport application form either due to large numbers of people who want to go down the same route. Go onto the Irish passport application page. There you can send them an email asking them to send an application form to you and give the reason you think you are entitled to an irish passport. They will send an application form to you in the post.
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  5. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    They'll refer you back through the route already given. If you were just renewing one, they'd be able to deal with it.
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  6. Adam4868

    Adam4868 Veteran

    Just got Irish passports for my kids,did it all online and was back within 11 days.My partner did hers through the post office in Liverpool and did the check and send.
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  7. MarkF

    MarkF Legendary Member

    I renewed mine maybe 2 years ago and did it at Liverpool, it was a post office in an upper floor of WH smiths.
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  8. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Payment as well, where two years ago it was payment in person.
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  9. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    My nephews and nieces have gone green, courtesy of their late grandma, my two are next and tlh will go for hers, thus the costs of obtaining the originals are spread across about 20 people.

    I don't qualify. All my great grandparents were born in Ireland but I cannot find proof that my grandparents were even though family lore asserts at least two were. Guess I'll be in the long queue with the blue passport holders.
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  10. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    What's the difference between a long birth certificate and a short one? Mine doesn't have any details of my parents on it (Would that make it a short one?) though it was accepted when I last applied for an Irish passport in around 1992.
  11. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    They do.

    I got the forms earlier this year and that is what they require. I suppose I'd better go about getting the correct one now.
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  12. GrumpyGregry

    GrumpyGregry Here for rides.

    because the world and her husband is applying. My money is on the rules changing before 2020. Maybe the UK will then sort out the frankly bizarre "please vote in our elections" rules... ;)

    To vote at the UK general election you must be registered to vote and:

    • 18 years of age or over on polling day
    • be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
    • be resident at an address in the UK (or a UK citizen living abroad who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years)
    • not be legally excluded from voting
    The following cannot vote in a UK Parliament election:

    • members of the House of Lords
    • EU citizens (other than UK, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus and Malta) resident in the UK
    • anyone other than British, Irish and qualifying Commonwealth citizens
    • convicted persons detained in pursuance of their sentences, excluding contempt of court (though remand prisoners, unconvicted prisoners and civil prisoners can vote if they are on the electoral register)
    • anyone found guilty within the previous five years of corrupt or illegal practices in connection with an election
  13. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Go via the official site and not one of the agencies that will get one for you.
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  14. T.M.H.N.E.T

    T.M.H.N.E.T Disc brakes - Stopping things since 1902

    Northern Ireland
    I'm pretty sure Post Office took payment for mine, checked and sent it off

    **I'm not sure why my local PO had Irish passport forms only and not GBR ones
  15. classic33

    classic33 Legendary Member

    Any idea which County?
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