Calling anyone in the Taunton area...


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...the Exmouth Exodus overnight ride is on Sat 4th August, but we're a little bit short of help at the North Curry half way stop. If anyone is able to spare a couple of hours between about 1am and 4am (yes, that's the middle of the night, folks :thumbsup:) to help make tea and serve pasta it would be much appreciated.

The perks - as much pasta as you can eat, as much tea/coffee as you can drink, the riders all really appreciate it, and best of all it's usually good fun.

Anyone interested...please drop a line to



Smile a mile bike provider
wish i could help but not even close
Just sent them an email offering my services. If I wasn't working Saturday night I'd look into taking part in the cycle ride itself. Seeing as I'll be doing a 60 mile round trip to help out if they take me up on my offer I'll be doing my own little bike ride.
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