Calshot track start session

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by oldgreyandslow, 17 Aug 2012.

  1. oldgreyandslow

    oldgreyandslow Veteran

    My wife and kids have booked me a track start session at Calshot, all because while watching the track cycling as the olympics I happened to mention I would like to try it! I'm 52 relatively fit, I cycle about 100 to 150 miles a week on average, however I'm a bit concerned about this fixed wheel business and will there be skinny fast racing snakes making me look a twat!

    Anyone done this?

    Any tips, advice welcome

  2. montage

    montage God Almighty

    In the starter session, I doubt there will be any racing at all. I did it a while back, and it was all getting accustomed to riding round the track with others. Going high, going low, pace line etc etc

    It's good fun, good luck!
  3. oldroadman

    oldroadman Veteran

    Just go and enjoy, all you have to do is keep turning left...^_^
    Calshot is a small (about 140m) track, so if you can ride that after an hour, the rest will be simple - well a bit!
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