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    Trailers seem to be a regularly occuring question, so here is my review of my new Camcart

    Cart is made from steel tubing, bends seem accurate and welds of a reasonable quality. Following the online step-by-step instructions on above site it went together easily, bolt holes lining up well but a proper 10mm spanner served better for assembly than the supplied stamped out steel plate multi-size thing.
    Instructions are included in the box but are in German. (Product is shipped from Germany).
    Very sturdy once assembled. I can't see that the 100kg as a handcart / 40kg for cycle towing would present any problem.

    Small problems I encountered. The towing ball attaches to the bike seat stem clamp, the one on my Giant Escape is quite tapered where the clamping bolt fits and a trip to my LBS soon found one that suited better (see ).
    A bit of 'persuasion' with vice/hammer to close the 2 mount sides up a bit and then bolted it all together ready for its first trial. Incidentally packaging stated 12 bolts included - I only got 11 but due the clamp issue that didn't prove a problem.
    Cart does not sit horizontaly on its own supporting leg (would be in the way when towing if it did) when used as a handcart.

    First trip was to local tip (about a 2 mile round trip) with the sturdy plastic bin of 90 litresfull of very damp (heavy) garden waste. I used luggage straps around the frame to hold on the large cardboard box the cart came in to take that away too. Towball arrangement rattles a bit over bumps, but it just served to remind me the trailer was there. It really does roll very easily with little discernable effect on bike handling.
    I found to my cost you cannnot drop 2 wheel trailers off kerbs at anything but 90 degrees (Doh!) when it fell over- luckily at the end of a dead end street.

    I'm very pleased with it and can see it being used regularly. The optional plastic cover is a good fit (shopping? detach trailer from bike and take it straight into kitchen? Hmmm)

    Supplier very friendly and apologetic over a long delivery time due to holiday periods in Germany but kept me informed, a sort of LBS type service. Also a thanks to my LBS - Cliff Pratt Cycles for help with the clamp and generally being a nice buch of folk even on a very busy saturday morning.
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