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Hello all

Think commuting is the best place for this. I bought a cheap camera

Right, charged it up but I've no idea how to get a video! Popped in the CD, I think I downloaded the driver correctly, created a shortcut to the homescreen. Now what? As a ludite I'm used to plug and play kind of stuff, as to the instruction of dropping something into 'root directory' I'm lost! :smile:

If you haven't got one of these, just to let you know the English instructions are translated very interestingly!


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No experience of that particular camera but it sounds as though if you plug it in you can access the MicroSD card within the device to copy your videos. I suspect that a quicker method would be to remove the MicroSD card from the unit and insert that into a card reader plugged into your computer. Either way though the computer should show a drive icon when it's connected. On the desktop for Mac and within My Computer on a Windows PC.


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Thanks Halo, brilliant idea! Just tried it in both the old laptop that I'm using (because of the small cd for the camera) and the mac and both don't recognise the card :smile: It's new from Amazon so not pleased...
I've ordered one and also another of the same sort.

I like the fact it still records while it's charging...may be able to rig something up to it.


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HaloJ said:
Is it a clone of a contour HD? As the link above doesn't say what it actually is.
It is not a clone of a Contour HD, has the same video quality as the MD80 clones.
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