Campagnolo Hyperon 2008 perfect conditions


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Campagnolo Hyperon Tubular Carbon Wheelset
I sell my beloved Campagnolo Hyperon Tubular carbon wheelset with a beautiful carbon rim,
some of the most advanced techniques in the world. Some nicks on the stickers and spokes.
Fully functional, very good conditions.

img_1036sbrvq.jpg img_1037r1pfd.jpg img_1049c6qo9.jpg img_10517uoai.jpg img_1039p6pno.jpg img_1040qmrbc.jpg img_104186r24.jpg img_104218qmu.jpg img_1043o8qbt.jpg img_1046ugr0j.jpg img_1047b8r9a.jpg img_1048q0oax.jpg

!!! ONLY 1246 gr the set !!!
The spokes endings are hidden in the rim and the hub.
The spokes are straight from end to end. Since the spokes have no bending,
I've never had a broken spoke in 6 years. The wheels are so robust, that they were never untrue.
I didn't have to touch them a single time, expect for retighten the axles once.
Since Campagnolo developed a system which positions the spokes always in the aero position,
I never even touched a single spoke because of false alignment. These wheels are the dream
for everybody who loves to ride but doesn't want to spend time maintaining.
The asymmetric spoke alignment on the rear wheel makes it incredibly stiff and strong. You literally
can feel that all of your muscle effort goes onto the road.
I only sell them because I bought the Campagnolo aero wheelset Bora, which includes all of the techniques
used in the Hyperon wheelset and an aero rim with 50mm depth.
Shipment L max 300cm, L+2xH+2xB max 360cm

750 £ + Shipment 15 £ from Germany

This transaction is from private to private and without warranty, refund and money back guarantee.
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