Campagnolo Zonda v Eurus / Shimano Dura-ace,worth the extra cash?


Hi all,would appreciate some advice/info,i'm looking to upgrade my wheels from fulcrum 7's,both the Zonda's, Eurus,and Shimano get great reveiws,but are the Eurus/Dura-ace worth the extra cash?,i live in the south lakes so there's lots of climbing to be done and as most places these days blooming pot holes everywhere so they need to be robust and obviously spin forever,any info/ advice would be welcome-thank you.


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I have used Zonda and the Eurus wheels - couldn't tell the difference.

Have settled on the Zonda's - nice and strong - I think they have steel spokes which makes them slightly heavier but a bit more durable.

The only thing I would say - I don't get out of the saddle much so can't comment on any flex when powering uphill. If you like to spin nice light gears then I'd go for the Zonda's.


Yebbut these gears go to 11
I did the same upgrade from Fulcrum 7s, and went for Zondas. Done around 600 miles on them so far and they're still running true despite a few altercations with potholes.

The thing I mainly noticed was the straight line speed difference (bladed spokes plus slightly deeper rims than the 7s). There's not much gradient round our way to gauge how they go when honking up hills, but from doing sprint intervals they seem to be stiffer than the 7s too.

I'd definitely recommend the Zondas, but have never ridden with anything more expensive to compare against.


thanks for your info/advice,much appreciated,the zonda's look early favorites,especially with the price difference.
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