Can anyone help ?


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Hi guys I recently moved out of town and I need to buy a mountain bike asap.
I have a small budget and I don't know which bike is better between:

Muddyfox Energy26 Mens from Sports Direct
Terrain Ascent 26" Mens' Mountain Bike from Tesco Direct

Their price is similar from 80 to 90 Pounds.

Can anyone advice me on which bike is the best?

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This is pretty hypocritical, considering I bought a 250 pound halfords bike when other people told me to buy used instead, but if you're looking at spending under 100 pounds I would definitely buy second hand as it will be a much better bike, and miles lighter too.

You could probably get a second hand entry level "real bike" (that was about 300 pounds new) instead of these, and that's what I'd recommend.

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Hi and :welcome: @Julian161

I don't know the bikes listed specifically but having had three bikes in the sub £100 price range I can advise that they will be much of a muchness and none of them will be great. In standard form expect them to be heavy, slow and not particularly good to ride, plus the cheap components will wear out or break quite easily.

Sorry to sound dismissive, but this does come from experience.

Buying on this tight a budget I'd second the Rockrider from Decathlon mentioned above as being about the cheapest reasonable new bike available or the suggestion of going second-hand, although this raises the possibility of buying something that needs work doing to it.

Something that might be worth looking into is whether any of your local bike shops sells bikes that they've taken in part exchange. My sister did this and got a slightly scruffy but mechanically sound and freshly serviced Dawes Mojave for £100


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Thank you for your tips guys.
A guy in my town is selling a second hand Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike.
Not all the parts are original though.
Is that a good brand?
He hasn't replied to my text yet.
The alternative is the Rockrider from Decathlon as you suggested. :smile:


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A second hand bike, depending on age and condition, could easily cost £100 in new parts if it needs a cassette, chain, cables, brake pads etc, you'd be better off with the decathlon bike. Don't buy a bike from Argos, sports direct or tesco!

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Yes, Specialized is a good brand and if you can get that Hardrock in your budget it would be a good buy provided it is in a sound condition and provided it's the right size for you. As Vickster says though you could spend a lot in new parts if it is well worn.
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