Can bikes read thoughts?

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Methinks my bike knows it's about to be replaced. Coming home tonight, shifted into top and stood out of the saddle to honk some speed on and THOK, a spoke snaps in the rear wheel. Instant whip in the rim and dragging brake, stop to unlatch the brake and a slower ride home than I'd like :biggrin: I was discussing new bikes earlier today with a colleague who is Cyclescheming with me this year, do you think my bike read our thought waves and said to itself "right, I'll have you you barsteward!" ? :becool: :laugh:


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My bike can't read my thoughts because if it could it would go a lot quicker and makes the hills a lot easier for me.


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Yes, they can, especially when threatened with being sold or scrapped. I've had similar problems every time I've gone that way so it's the only possible explanation!
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