Can we talk Christmas trees


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A few years ago we bought a potted one , so that once Christmas was over we could plant it in the garden .

We were amazed when we went to plant it , it had very little in the way of a root system as it had all been chopped off to fit in the pot .

It has taken nearly 3 years to recover and actually look like a live tree again although quite a lot of the lower branches have never recovered .

So try and check how much root system is in the pot if you intend to plant afterwards.


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We (the now ex-Mrs Fnaar an I) always used to get a real one ... when the kids were younger, I loved taking them out to the place in the countryside, six miles away, where you'd pick up a saw from the office/trailer, and walk out into the forest to cut your own down ... that was such fun :smile:

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