Can you only be a proper member of this forum..

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Bourne End, UK
That's not fair, I work from home! :blush:


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I would say yes, if you don't cycle to work then you cannot really be a full member of the forum, you are still welcome to read most of the boards and make useful and polite replies. However, this is the main reason why so many of you are not granted access to the secret areas.


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Limoges or York
..and what if you don't work? In the sense of doing something for which you receive money every week/month, not in the sense of being a lazy slacker..

I'll certainly be looking to do the former when I return to York and hopefully it will enable me to do the latter considering I will be paid bugger all.. It hasn't been both so far. though:sad:


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Nope, sorry it's just not good enough is it? You lot will NEVER get access to the secret areas on this forum so you are just going to have to learn to live with it.
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