Cancer/mastectomy.....amazing how many it happens to.


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MrsD received wonderful NHS care from when it was diagnosed. She had her op' last Tuesday and is recovering better than we feared (see photo below).
Staggering fact.......
There were 6 other women having similar procedures THAT MORNING......with another 6 in the afternoon!!
I find those numbers quite scary.
Taken just a few days after the operation which, to us, is amazing.


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Sending Mrs D all my love. Glad she's on the mend. The NHS is the best of Britain.


GWS Mrs D.
My mum had breast cancer treatment back end of 2020. I was surprised they discharged her the same day. Her treatment was speedy and efficient despite all the "covid delays cancer treatment" stories you hear.
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Wishing Mrs D a speedy recovery. My wife went through the same in 2016. And it's amazing how many other women have been through this.

The chemo (and radiotherapy if needed) can be an absolute bore but there is hope afterwards. Mrs R was given the all clear after a couple of years and has been fine since then.


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It's nice to see Mrs D looking so chirpy after such a traumatic treatment! I hope that she makes a rapid recovery.


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Wishing Mrs D a very speedy recovery. The NHS is a wonderful institution & long may it continue, from my experience the vast majority, if not all of the staff are a real credit :okay:


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Lady Byegad has had a couple of scares, cysts showing up in screening x-rays. So we've been to the outpatients, heart in mouth, only for a simple draining procedure to to send us home, all well.

So we've seen just how many people are there with a much less happy prognosis in store. It's a lot!
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